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Integration through GTM Template


GTM is suitable way to add your Stack Analytix pixel, it's easy and we have a template so you don't need to do a lot of steps.

Step 1: Download the GTM Template

Stack Analytix Tag.tpl

Step 2: Go to Google Tag Manager here

Open your container, "container is just reference to your website" something like that
Now Open the container and Select Templates from the Sidebar From first section Tag Templates Click on New button
Now press on three dots on the right side. Click on Import and select our template

Step 3: Pixel Setup

Now our template loaded successfully but you need to fill the project id and customer id project id is the website id.
See Pixel Setup Page for more information
Save your changes then publish it it takes seconds and you can go to next step to verify your installation.

Step 4: Verify Pixel Installation

Save the changes Go to your website make some page views Back to Stack Analytix Dashboard and Verify the Installation "how to verify"


Now you can start your journey with Stack Analytix.