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It's easy now to connect your mobile application to Stack Analytix

It only takes a few minutes to get started with Stack Analytix.


Limitations of Installation?

We have some limitations for current this page will announce any changes due to this limitations.

  • We Support Any Android Mobile application

  • Currently we don't support IOS Apps

  • Flutter SDK in beta version this means soon we can support any IOS Apps that use flutter.

  • Flutter or React Native or any cross platform can use SDK by implementing channel SDK built with Native Java Code

Install STK SDK

Now we can follow this steps to install and setup the SDK It's require a developer from your side to complete this setups after installation you can test the installation normally on any beta version from your app then you can release your apps for your users.

Import Lib from Jitpack

allprojects {
    repositories {
	maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }

Add the dependency

please add this dependencies in your module build.gradle

dependencies {
            implementation 'com.github.StackAnalysis:STKDroid:0.2.3'

Basic Setup

public class BaseApplication extends Application
        public void onCreate() {
        activities=new ArrayList<>();
        new StackAnalytix.Builder()
        .setAppId( )
        .setkey(" ")
        .setSkipRecorderActivities(activities)//skip some activities during  screen recorder
        .setOnCrashListener(new OnCrashListener() {
        public void onCrash(@Nullable String crashInfo, @Nullable Throwable e) {

        }).setOnLoggerListener(new OnLoggerListener() {
        public void onLogI(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogD(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogE(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogV(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


        public void onLogW(@Nullable String tag, @Nullable String msg) {


Please fill the empty function like

setAppId(>>>>app id here<<<<)
setClientId(>>>>client id here<<<<)
setkey(>>>>key here<<<<)

You can find this information in Stack Analytix Dashboard

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