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Pixel Setup

It's easy now to connect your website to Stack Analytix
It only takes a few minutes to get started with Stack Analytix.

Setup STK Pixel

Copy this JS Code to your website <head/> or before <body/>section Please replace the WebsiteId and ClientId from the Dashboard
(function (s, t, a, c, k) {
t.src = t.src;
var d = document.createElement('script');
for (var attr in t) {
d.setAttribute(attr, t[attr] ? t[attr] : null)
d.innerHTML = a;
d.onload = function () {
new StackAnalytix("" + c, "" + k).Start()
})(32, { src: '', type: 'text/javascript', async: null }, '', @Model.WbsiteId, @Model.ClientId);

Verify your Installation

Now go to your Dashboard here
Find your website click verify by click on Status icon press verify button.

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